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Third Generation VOR/DME Equipment Course 40286


This 15-day course provides training for technicians on the Wilcox Third Generation VOR/DME, Type FA-10391. The course is 50% academy lecture and 50% academy laboratory. Lecture and laboratory subjects include theory of operation, diagnostic procedures, fault analysis, equipment adjustments, alignment and operating procedures, measurements, and analysis of system parameters.


Given the Manufacturer’s Instruction Book TI-6820.4 (MIB), the FAA Maintenance Order 6820.7B, appropriate test equipment, FAA Academy Instruction Manuals, and an FA-10391 system the participant will be able to, in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Instruction Book and the FAA Maintenance Order:
  • Identify the VOR/DME system layout and reference designations.
  • Perform equipment performance checks and adjustment and alignment procedures.
  • Perform corrective maintenance and restoration procedures.


This course provides training for electronic technicians and engineers progressing into technical positions having responsibility for operating, maintaining, and certifying or verifying normal operation of Third Generation VOR/DME Equipment.

Prerequisites: 40284, Navigation System Concepts

44215, Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Principles


  • VOR/DME Concepts
  • Logical Resource Unit (LRU) Location and Function
  • VOR Screens
  • VOR Transmitter
  • Signal Flow

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