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Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) Model 9 Course 40664


This 45-day course provides training for technicians and engineers on the Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR)-9, Type FA-10064. The course is 40% Academy lecture and 60% Academy laboratory. Lecture and laboratory subjects include introduction, remote monitoring system/ system control, synchronizer, transmitter, receiver, post processor, SCIP, and modems/antenna.


Given the ASR-9 Instruction Manual, the operational equipment and all required test equipment, notes and references, in accordance with appropriate equipment, participants will be able to operate the ASR-9 System and perform preventive and corrective maintenance on the:
  • Local and Remote System Control equipment
  • ASR-9 AC/DC Power Distribution equipment
  • Remote Monitoring System (RMS) equipment
  • Frequency Generator equipment
  • Synchronizer equipment
  • Maintenance Display equipment
  • Transmitter equipment
  • Transmitter Power Supplies and Monitoring equipment
  • Transmitter Modulator equipment
  • Transmitter RF Chain equipment
  • Antenna Pedestal equipment
  • Receiver equipment
  • Moving Target Detector (MTD) Digital Signal Processor and Post Processor equipment
  • 6 Level Weather Processor equipment
  • Local and Remote Surveillance and Communications Interface Processor (SCIP) equipment
  • Modem equipment
  • Remote Site Peripheral equipment


This course provides training for electronic technicians and engineers responsible for operating, maintaining, and certifying/verifying normal operation of the ASR-9.

Prerequisites: 42058, Modern Radar Concepts


  • Overall System
  • RMS
  • Power Distribution
  • System Control
  • Frequency Generator
  • Synchronizer
  • Modulator
  • RF Amplifier
  • Control & Monitoring
  • Transmitter
  • RF/IF and A/D
  • DSP
  • Post Processor
  • Weather Processor
  • SCIP
  • Modems/Antenna

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