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Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) Course 41916001


This course provides training for technicians, engineers, and developmental technicians on Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) theory. The course is 128 hours Academy Lecture and 32 hours Academy Laboratory. Lecture subjects include General ILS Theory, Transmission-Line Theory, Glide slope Theory, and Localizer Theory. Laboratory subjects include Radiation Pattern Analysis, Equipment Adjustments, and ILS Test Equipment. The exams in this course will be administered using the clean testing format. The student will be provided with and can only use approved formula sheets to complete their exams. Use of notes, student or lab books is not allowed. Students will complete the Mathematics Refresher (prerequisite) pretest on the first day of class attributing to 10% of the final grade. The learner must be proficient in basic algebra and trigonometry, as well as performing computations on the TI-36X scientific calculator. A TI-36X scientific calculator will be provided for the duration of the class. Knowledge of basic electrical and electronics theory and components is expected.


At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Identify the concepts and applications of the Null Reference Category I Localizer, Glideslope, and Marker systems maintained by the FAA.
  • Apply the concepts and basic principles of Amplitude Modulation, ILS Waveforms, Space Modulation, Relative RF Phase, and Differences in Depths of Modulation.
  • Apply the concepts and basic principles of Basic Antennas, General Antenna Pairs with Equal or Unequal Phases or Currents, Specific Antenna Pairs, Multiple Antenna Pairs, and Image Antennas.
  • Apply the concepts and basic principles of the Glideslope Antenna Array, Glideslope DDM and Path Width, Proximity Effect, Glideslope Monitoring, and Glideslope Antenna Height Ratios.
  • Apply the concepts and basic principles of Localizer Radiation Patterns, V-Ring Antennas and Distribution Unit, Localizer Monitoring, the Log-Periodic Antenna System, and Flight Inspection Procedures.


This course provides training for electronic technicians and engineers progressing into technical positions having responsibility for operating, maintaining, and certifying/verifying normal operation of Instrument Landing Systems.

Prerequisites: Basic Electronics, 44715 ILS Basic Theory


  • Introduction to ILS
  • Modulation Principles
  • Wave Forms
  • Space Modulation
  • Antennas
  • Glideslope
  • Localizer

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