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ILS Course 15441921


This 10-day course is designed for international participants as an introductory, instructor-led training course for technicians, engineers, and developmental technicians on Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) concepts. Concepts covered throughout the lecture include ILS, glide slope and localizer theories. This course will prepare participants to be successful in ensuing equipment courses and in obtaining a conceptual understanding of the operational principles of an ILS system. Subject matter may be modified to meet unique customer needs by special agreement.


At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to successfully:


Participants will be required to be proficient in basic algebra, as well as performing computations on a scientific calculator. Knowledge of basic electrical and electronics theory and components is expected.



All students are expected to have proficiency with the English language that at least meets the standards for high-school graduates in the United States, where proficiency is defined as 7-8th grade level.
All students are expected to have existing access to the most current ICAO documentation that will be used for the course. They are expected to have reviewed this documentation before the course begins. They should be able to access this documentation while the course is in session in order to follow along.

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