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Radar Approach Control Training (International) Course 15503


The course is designed for air traffic controllers preparing to enter training in a radar approach control facility. Radar training subjects include ICAO procedures, principals of radar, radar tracking systems, radar separation, speed control, radar vectoring, radar flight information, and emergencies. Simulation exercises will be interspersed throughout the academic lessons to provide a gradual introduction to radar operations. FAA techniques are blended with ICAO procedures to enhance, program, and prepare participants for on-the-job training. Laboratory exercises provide practice in a simulated radar environment using ICAO standards. Subject matter may be modified to meet unique customer needs by special agreement.


At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:


Those who have aviation English training, as well as either having completed an air traffic control fundamentals course or having experience as an air traffic controller. This course has been tailored to meet international needs. All enrollment spaces are reserved for international participants.




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