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Aerodrome Certification and Safety Inspection Techniques Course 15600


The ACSIT course incorporates instructor-led lectures, practice opportunities (Q and A sessions, quizzes, group discussions, group-participation activities) and a site visit activity to instruct learners in the requirements and procedures for conducting aerodrome inspections.


By the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:


This course is intended for delivery to staff of international aviation authorities and/or aerodromes who are developing and/or executing inspection programs. Instructors should expect students to represent a range of possible backgrounds and levels of expertise. While all students will have at least some experience with aerodrome programs and safety, some may not have specific background in inspection programs. Additionally, some students may come from States with no existing defined Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations for aerodrome safety, necessitating an introductory lesson on how regulations are derived from ICAO standards.


Instruction on ICAO language proficiency elements using content on:


All students are expected to have proficiency with the English language that at least meets the standards for high-school graduates in the United States, where proficiency is defined as 7-8th grade level.

All students are expected to have existing access to the most current ICAO documentation that will be used for the course. They are expected to have reviewed this documentation before the course begins. They should be able to access this documentation while the course is in session in order to follow along.

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