FAA21021, (21021) Aviation Safety Engineer/Propulsion 14 CFR Training

Number: FAA21021
Title: (21021) Aviation Safety Engineer/Propulsion 14 CFR Training
Delivery Method: AD-INSTR-LED
Status: Active
Training Organization: AMA-220
Training Length: 68 hours
Description: This course provides discipline-specific training in the interpretation of technical guidance in regulations, orders, ACs, etc., for Propulsion ASEs to use on the job. It covers the technical aspects of Propulsion Certification Engineering, including Engine and Propeller Type Certificaton, and Aircraft (propulsion system installation) Type Certification. Design Approval, Production Approval, and Continued Operational Safety considerations are included. Initial string is prerequisite. Designees/Delegations -- 50% Discount. POC: FAA Academy, Aircraft Certification Branch AMA-220 at (405)954-4534
Cancelled Date:
Revision Date: 03/01/2004
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Prerequisites: FAA21016, (21016) Part 21 - Revision 2
FAA21936, (21936) Aircraft Certification Indoctrination Phase III
FAA22000046, (22000046) Aircraft Certification Indoctrination Phase II
FAA27936, (27936) Aircraft Certification Indoctrination Phase I

Scheduled Offerings in FY-14

Offering/Class ID Start Date End Date FY Location Status Cancel Date Division Manager Phone
86986 04/29/2014 05/09/2014 14 OKC ACTIVE   AMA-220 4059544534