FAA21000008, (21000008) Initial Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) Seminar

Number: FAA21000008
Title: (21000008) Initial Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) Seminar
Delivery Method: ILT
Status: Inactive
Training Organization: NA
Training Length: 40 hours
Description: Provides an introduction to the Pilot Examiner?s Handbook, procedures for preparing airman certification files, IACRA, evaluation methods, 14 CFR, part 61, and the Practical Test Standards (PTS). Students must pass a comprehensive knowledge test and complete three hands-on workshops to receive credit for this seminar. In the workshops students develop a Plan of Action, conduct a videotaped interview as a Designee, and complete airman certification files. This is a 5-day classroom seminar. Enrollment instructions: To enroll, go to https://av-info.faa.gov/DsgReg/. Click ?New User? Click here to register?. Enter information, then click, Create My Profile/Continue/Click here to enroll. This takes you to Course Schedules. Select ?AFS640 - Pilot/Mechanic/Airworthiness Designees.? The list of courses appears. Select your course, then choose the section you want to attend and click ?Enroll.? Click ?Confirm? to confirm your choice, then ?Exempt? since you are an FAA employee, then ?I Believe I am Exempt.? Your exempt status will be verified within 48 hours.
Cancelled Date:
Revision Date: 11/27/2007
Maximum Enrollment: 25