FAA21030, (21030) Software Fundamentals

Number: FAA21030
Title: (21030) Software Fundamentals
Delivery Method: ILT
Status: Active
Training Organization: AMA-220
Training Length: 40 hours
Description: This course presents an overview of basic software concepts and principles needed by engineers as an educational foundation. This course is not procedures training; it will not provide information on how to do the job. Content covers three major areas: Overview of the System Life Cycle; the Software Life Cycle; and the Software Development Process. The general role of the FAA in each of these areas is discussed. This course presents basic information on DO-178B, the guidance used by the FAA to evaluate an applicant's software development. NOTE: Individuals with a degree in Computer Science or software engineering may receive a waiver. Please see your local training administrator for waiver requirements. AUDIENCE: Aviation Safety Engineers (ASEs) responsible for evaluating or participating in the evaluation of software systems. POC: FAA Academy, Aircraft Certification Branch AMA-220 at (405)954-4534
Cancelled Date:
Revision Date: 01/24/2004
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Prerequisites: FAA21016, (21016) Part 21 - Revision 2
FAA21936, (21936) Aircraft Certification Indoctrination Phase III
FAA27936, (27936) Aircraft Certification Indoctrination Phase I

Scheduled Offerings in FY-14

Offering/Class ID Start Date End Date FY Location Status Cancel Date Division Manager Phone
86764 07/14/2014 07/18/2014 14 OKC ACTIVE   AMA-220 4059544534
87041 03/10/2014 03/14/2014 14 OKC ACTIVE   AMA-220 4059544534