FAA57312001, (57312001) Digital Audio Legal Recorder (DALR) for OSET, FLM, and OM

Number: FAA57312001
Title: (57312001) Digital Audio Legal Recorder (DALR) for OSET, FLM, and OM
Delivery Method: WBT
Status: Active
Training Organization: AJL-11
Training Length: 2 hours
Description: This course is designed for Air Traffic Operational Supervisory Evaluation Team (OSET) members, Front Line Managers (FLM) and Operational Managers (OM) who have responsibilites to monitor audio recordings to assess controller performance. It is comprised of four lessons (DALR Overview, Introduction, Getting Started, Monitor) and one performance lab. There are knowledge checks embedded within and at the end of lessons. The lab session is delivered in 3 stages: a guided step-by step presentation of the monitor functions; a free-practice session and a final performance check. Knowledge questions must be answered correctly to proceed.
Cancelled Date:
Revision Date: 09/22/2011
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