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The FAA Civil Aviation Security mission is to protect the U.S. traveling public in air transportation throughout the world and to provide for the integrity of the civil aviation system. This mission is carried out by developing and implementing regulatory policies, programs and procedures in order to:
  • Prevent criminal and other disruptive acts against civil aviation;

  • Conduct investigations and internal security activities in support of FAA activities;

  • Assist in the interdiction of dangerous drugs and narcotics into the United States; and,

  • Support the national security.

The Aviation Security program provides technical training for FAA aviation security inspectors, security specialists, and investigators who are responsible for overseeing airport and air carrier security programs and the security of FAA facilities and equipment. Courses cover a range of security measures, including airport and air carrier security, compliance and enforcement, air transportation of dangerous goods, cargo security, crisis management, personnel security, investigations, facilities inspection, and risk management. In addition, resident and non-resident courses are offered to meet the needs of the international community and the aviation industry. All international courses have been tailored to adhere to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines. Country-specific customized training is also available upon request.