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FAA41907002 Active
BB-ILT 2021-01-04
This course is for WAAS Operator Specialists (WOS) responsible for the serviceability and availability of WAAS subsystems, equipment, and service. The course is 100% VIRTUAL, it is comprised of 36 hours Instructor Led Lecture and 28 hours, remotely conducted, hands-on laboratory activities (64 Hrs. Total). Instruction is comprised of presentation slides, WAAS Maintenance Technical Handbook (MTHB) and Technical Instruction Book (TIB) references and practice to include discussions of subsystem requirements, standards, tolerances, preventive maintenance (PM) intervals, certification procedures and log statements. Lab activities are conducted remotely and will provide training on specific WOS tasks such as WAAS subsystem monitoring, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and certification. End of course exams are multiple choice and are available via Blackboard. Lab performance exams assess hands-on laboratory knowledge and skills.
AJI-2300 AMA-422
BB-ILT 64.0


Scheduled Offerings / Classes in FY-24

Class Number Start Date End Date FY Status Location Phone Number
177044 2024-08-14 2024-08-23 24 ACTIVE WCT
177045 2024-02-15 2024-02-27 24 ACTIVE WCT

Scheduled Offerings / Classes in FY-23

Class Number Start Date End Date FY Status Location Phone Number
173324 2022-11-08 2022-11-18 23 ACTIVE WCT
173325 2022-11-28 2022-12-07 23 ACTIVE WCT
176862 2023-07-11 2023-07-20 23 ACTIVE WCT
176863 2023-07-25 2023-08-03 23 ACTIVE WCT
176864 2023-08-08 2023-08-17 23 ACTIVE WCT
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